Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: teaching and staff salaries

From: Marc Kivel <>
Date: Wed Apr 6 11:19:00 2005

Jennifer wrote

> When considering a liveable wage for teachers it is
> probably more realistic to consider a liveable
> salary. Is a teacher really only working 30 hours a
> week?... are there meetings afterschool, prep work
> at home, conferences, etc... ?

In many public schools salaried teachers are paid
based on contact hours with students - hence the
thirty hour week assuming 6 contact periods five days
a week. The other 10 hours a week (making a forty
hour work week) are for planning periods,
administrative tasks, meetings, etc. You should also
note that in some school districts, contracts run 10
months rather than twelve so technically your "annual"
salary does not come in 12 or 24 equal installments.

A living salary varies by location, demand and
availability for certain skill/knowledge sets,
competition with other learning organizations, etc.

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