Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Classes

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Wed Apr 6 08:50:01 2005

Jennifer Blair wrote:

> I understand that students can ask for classes (correct me if I'm wrong)
> Once a class is requested, how much say do students have in how the
> class is delivered... if there will be tests, homework, method of
> instruction, etc...? Do they need to commit to the class after asking
> a staff person to commit to delivering it?
> Thanks,
> Jennifer

I am assuming that you mean classes from a staff member. Keep in mind
that it is very possible for students to have a class without a staff
member involved.

Speaking only about classes with staff members... Yes students can and
do ask for classes. Whether or not to honor that request is up to the
staff member to decide. Speaking for me, I honor the request only when
I have a previous relationship with the student and know that the
request is a sincere expression of their own personal interest - not
something they think they should be doing to keep their parents happy.
When I do agree to do a class, I work out with the student(s) the
determing the class time(s). I also get a committment from the student
that they will fully participate in the class by by doing the assigned
work (which may or may not include homework and tests).


Jeff Collins
Hudson Valley Sudbury School
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