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When considering a liveable wage for teachers it is probably more realistic to consider a liveable salary. Is a teacher really only working 30 hours a week?... are there meetings afterschool, prep work at home, conferences, etc... ? Being a teacher any where near full time pretty much excludes an individual from having another job to supplement their income and that should be recognized. In VT the average liveable salary for a single person is $25,715/yr. so $18K is really not that outstanding of a salary, even for a single person.
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>In re salaries...if you're going to have a full time
>staff (30 contact hours per week or whatever you feel
>constitutes "fulltime" employment), I think there's an
>ethical obligation to pay a liveable wage. Assuming a
>175 day school year and 6 hrs per day of service,
>that's 1,040 service hours over ten months. At $17.50
>per hour that is $18,200 for ten months. Don't forget
>the employers contribution to Social Security and
>Medicare for your staff.
>While this may or may not be a livable wage for a head
>of family with dependents, it could be an outstanding
>salary for a) a retiree on fixed income, b) a graduate
>student, c) a person who is supplementing another
>spouse or partner's greater earnings, or d) a person
>who is looking for experience before opening their own

  In other words, you can't really teach in this school _and_ support
  yourself in a sustainable way unless you're: really young and still
  supported by parents (an assumption I'm making about your fictional
  graduate student who can afford not only to pursue an advanced degree but
  also to work for that little), really old and supported by your retirement
  savings, a trust-fund baby who can work for that little before starting
  your own school (with all the start-up capital that will require), or
  married and sponging off your spouse for a while.

  Doesn't that rule out a lot of potential staff members?


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