RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] variations on the model in practice

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Tue Apr 5 21:15:00 2005


I believe you opened this by saying that you were starting a democratic
school. If this is the case, then it would seem reasonable that you would be
a passionate spokesperson for your opinions on this issue in school meetings
and that you would abide by whatever decision the meeting came to.

If you are not willing to cede this authority over to the school meeting,
then you are starting something other than a democratic school, at least as
I see it.

To me, a democratic school is one which follows any applicable laws and in
which all decisions are made by democratic vote of the parties involved.

Certainly there are many things that are legal but that one could show are
demonstrably unhealthy, at least to some people, over time, and according to
whatever definition of unhealthy is being applied. Your own example of
immunizations is a case in point. It is also demonstrably unhealthy to sit
in a room and read a book all day, every day, for days and days. Would you
unilaterally make rules against that at your school? It is demonstrably
unhealthy to eat something other than a balanced diet. Would you
unilaterally make a rule that everyone must eat a balanced diet at your

The list goes on and on. Even though video games and TV are something you
feel strongly about, I encourage you to "trust the process". If you are
persuasive, then there will be no TV or video games. If not, then the group
will learn from the consequences of a different decision than one you would

~Alan Klein
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