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>well, what do you do if someone is being unkind to someone else? or is shy
>and isn't sure how to make friends?
>At Sudbury Valley no one tells other people what to do. Staff doesn't
>tell students nor other staff how to interact with others.

Whoaa! So if Person A (adult or child) was beating up Person B (adult or
child), you would do nothing? You wouldn't say "Hey, cut it out!" or "We
don't do that here"? If a staff member was being catty or just an ass to
another staff member, you wouldn't say "Y'know, that was a f**ked up thing
to do?"

In other words, there can be NO moral judgements made at any time by anyone
about what is wrong or right? Doesn't this pose the danger of creating a
morally relativistic environment where "anything goes?" Yes, I'm aware you
can "write up" the offending party. But really, so much of human
interaction is about making that call right then - "Hey, stop pulling your
sister's hair," "hey, what did he do to _you_?" etc. Are you saying that a
staff member never gets to make that call?

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