[Discuss-sudbury-model] Preschool age 3-6

From: Khadija <ammaflre_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Apr 5 17:43:00 2005

Hi -

I have been reading through some of the digests lately
- I really hope I don't get answers to my question on
the level of discussion that the Socrates debate was-
WOW...Seriously though, I am a Montessori teacher
(infant-toddler and 3-6) who has a 9 1/2 year old
daughter in a small SV model school. I am going to do
a comparison study of Montessori and Sudbuty model for
my college class. If anyone has any references for me
with regards to the youngest age children, that would
be very helpful. I have or have read all the standard
books on SVS.

Thanks, Khadija

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