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My, my, my. What a diatribe. Was his actual philosophy as corrupt as
his life?
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> Socrates also encouraged a handful of rich brats to bring
> down the democracy and institute a brutal oligrachic state,
> based on terror. What do you think was meant by 'philosopher
> kings' -- people like Alcibides who viewed themselves as
> *above* work.
> As to not taking payment... He relied on his friends and
> pupils to give him food and booze, while his family
> suffered. And he had the audacity to (according to both
> Plato and Xenophon) tell the Assembly in his so-called
> 'apology' that they owed him a place of honor to live at
> their expense.
> Why is he remembered as a hero? Because he was willing to
> let his wife and children starve so he could have a dramatic
> suicide by hemlock rather than leave the state he committed
> crimes against. Some hero.
> Personally, I have no sympathy for Socrates. The man was a
> jerk, who incited not only to riot, but to bring arms
> against the democracy. I don't know that I'd have voted for
> the hemlock (I may have), but I certainly don't think that
> he was a hero.

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