Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Encouragment.

From: Marc Kivel <>
Date: Tue Apr 5 10:48:00 2005

One of the challenges I've had to deal with in
designing my democratic school model is trying to
figure out how much encouragement is appropriate.

I sense general agreement that in matters of health
and safety, as well as conformance with local, state
and national laws, adults have a fiduciary
responsibility toward minors. This may require us to
go beyond encouraging/discouraging behavior to being
directive. And this, btw, is also learning that our
learners need exposure to and need to grasp for their
own wellbeing as well as ours.

Now for all other matters...I believe in the
proposition that living is learning. So I accept that
people will learn in spite of educators best efforts
to rationalize and structure what is natural. I have
also found folks acquire necessary knowledge and
skills when they need it or after they have received a
set back due to lack of knowledge and skills.

Having said that, I find learners are influenced by
those around them. Give me a hand loom and some
colorful yarn and let me mess with it awhile because I
 want to know how to make it "work"...I'll bet within
half an hour I'll have at least a couple of learners
kibbitzing about my progress, asking questions or
giving suggestions on how to untangle my ungodly

Motivation is personal, as is learning, and I think we
ought to give learners a safe environment and then
leave them alone - when they want or need us, they'll
ask. By the way, Todd, have you explored Waldorf
schools? You might want to check out

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