Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Encouragment.

From: Christopher Weeks <>
Date: Tue Apr 5 09:25:01 2005

Todd Pratum wrote:

> I think I finally have a good idea of Sudbury's perspective on this
> subject. Thank you all. I don't agree with this but I will be
> thinking about it a lot. It seems extremist to me, and
> ultra-dogmatic, an over-reaction to our modern destructive educational...

Through this long series of notes, I've been thinking "Gosh, Todd, it
sure seems like you're fishing for permission to mess with kids."

Now it's more clear. You specifically agree that other people shouldn't
mess with kids because they've gummed it all up. But *you* won't fall
into the same traps that bright, enthusiastic educators have every where
and when before. Am I right?

I think that the easiest solution to this situation -- to be sure of
avoiding those traps, is to treat the students as equals (but equals who
pay for your subsistence!). You can fulfill your obligation to them by
providing an enriched learning environment with capable, knowledgeable
adults who're willing to bust their asses to help the students when the
students want it without messing with them. Suggest stuff to them just
like you would to a coworker or a friend, because that's exactly what
they are -- nothing more or less.

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