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Date: Tue Apr 5 01:06:01 2005

I assumed so, but your message seemed like a good jumping-off point to
explain this. :-)


On Apr 5, 2005, at 1:03, Alan Klein wrote:

> Preaching to the choir on this one, woty!
> ~Alan Klein
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> It's perfectly appropriate for teachers and coaches to push their
> students and encourage them to achieve things, but it is highly
> inappropriate to treat people as students if they are not freely
> consenting to such a relationship. Most teachers consider such consent
> irrelevant when they are dealing with children, and they assert a
> teaching relationship with any children who happen to be present in
> their schools. One needn't object to teaching in order to oppose this
> anymore than one must object to romantic relationships in order to
> oppose stalking.
> The Sudbury model is not defined by opposition to teaching or
> enouragement, but to pushing children into playing a student role which
> they are not freely consenting to. Consent by children is not regarded
> as unnecessary, and staff members are not viewed as having automatic
> teaching relationships with the children. Similarly, their job is not
> to ensure that all of the children get into student relationships. That
> is simply none of their business, and it is not their role to make it
> their business. Adopting this model for an institution in which
> children spend much of their time in no way entails opposition to
> teaching, learning, or encouragement. All one must accept to favor it
> is that it is good for children to have a community which does not
> direct their activities, and that it is good for children to have
> access to helpful adults who are not in a position of power over them.
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