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From: Scott David Gray <sgray_at_sudval.org>
Date: Tue Apr 5 00:54:00 2005

Socrates also encouraged a handful of rich brats to bring
down the democracy and institute a brutal oligrachic state,
based on terror. What do you think was meant by 'philosopher
kings' -- people like Alcibides who viewed themselves as
*above* work.

As to not taking payment... He relied on his friends and
pupils to give him food and booze, while his family
suffered. And he had the audacity to (according to both
Plato and Xenophon) tell the Assembly in his so-called
'apology' that they owed him a place of honor to live at
their expense.

Why is he remembered as a hero? Because he was willing to
let his wife and children starve so he could have a dramatic
suicide by hemlock rather than leave the state he committed
crimes against. Some hero.

Personally, I have no sympathy for Socrates. The man was a
jerk, who incited not only to riot, but to bring arms
against the democracy. I don't know that I'd have voted for
the hemlock (I may have), but I certainly don't think that
he was a hero.

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> Socrates wouldn't even take payment, either. Now THERE's an ideal.
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