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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Mon Apr 4 20:52:00 2005

Scott was pretty clear, I think, that when he put the word in quotes, he
meant something more akin to
f." This is not what I mean by the use of the term without quotes, so I
guess we have been talking past one another in part on this.


"Encouragement" is not a skill that is looked for in a staff member in a
democratic school. Encouragement is, in my opinion.




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From: Todd Pratum
This is Scott's full paragraph:

"One way or other, we don't have a *rule* on the books
prohibiting a staff member from 'encouraging' something.
However, we would vote them out at the first opportunity.
And if they were obnoxious about it, they would get brought
up for infringement of rights."
This is clear to me, it is not allowed, however not ostensibly.
As to "Constructionist", I'm embarrassed I did not think of this before, of
course. I am fairly well aware of the various controversies about the
interpretation of the Constitution, (and my best friend is a judge!). This
is a good term. I'd like to see what SVS says in writing (i.e their
"constitution") about encouragement. By the way, you might want to look up
'encouragement' in the OED,(not abridged or concise) very interesting
etymology. More later.
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