Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] teaching and staff salaries

From: Marc Kivel <>
Date: Mon Apr 4 10:25:00 2005


In re salaries...if you're going to have a full time
staff (30 contact hours per week or whatever you feel
constitutes "fulltime" employment), I think there's an
ethical obligation to pay a liveable wage. Assuming a
175 day school year and 6 hrs per day of service,
that's 1,040 service hours over ten months. At $17.50
per hour that is $18,200 for ten months. Don't forget
the employers contribution to Social Security and
Medicare for your staff.

While this may or may not be a livable wage for a head
of family with dependents, it could be an outstanding
salary for a) a retiree on fixed income, b) a graduate
student, c) a person who is supplementing another
spouse or partner's greater earnings, or d) a person
who is looking for experience before opening their own

As for benefits, ou might check with your local
Chamber of Commerce about firms offering benefit
services for small companies. For some folks benefits
are worth more than the salary and you may find you
can work with a firm like Administaff to offer
potential employees tradeoffs.

We need to remember that just because everyone else
does business (or education or healthcare or
compensation) a certain way, we aren't obligated to do
the same.


--- Lisa Crocker <> wrote:
> I know this is often relative to the location, but I
> am interested in what
> people are budgeting for staff salaries. For one,
> are the salaries
> different for licensed teachers versus mentors or
> other staff that are not
> coming to it with a teaching degree or clear area of
> expertise? Then, what
> are the ranges of salaries you are all planning on
> paying? I notice that
> the Blue Mountain School salaries are fairly low -
> this may translate into
> $16 to $19 per hour or so, less than the standard
> starting teaching salary
> in Vermont. I would love feedback on this - I am
> budgeting $20 per hour
> with Worker's Compensation insurance also, but no
> health benefits, although
> of course I would hope to offer this as we grow.
> what are you all planning
> or doing? Thanks,
> Lisa in Vermont
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