[Discuss-sudbury-model] teaching and staff salaries

From: Lisa Crocker <lisacrocker_at_adelphia.net>
Date: Sun Apr 3 22:21:01 2005


I know this is often relative to the location, but I am interested in what
people are budgeting for staff salaries. For one, are the salaries
different for licensed teachers versus mentors or other staff that are not
coming to it with a teaching degree or clear area of expertise? Then, what
are the ranges of salaries you are all planning on paying? I notice that
the Blue Mountain School salaries are fairly low - this may translate into
$16 to $19 per hour or so, less than the standard starting teaching salary
in Vermont. I would love feedback on this - I am budgeting $20 per hour
with Worker's Compensation insurance also, but no health benefits, although
of course I would hope to offer this as we grow. what are you all planning
or doing? Thanks,

Lisa in Vermont

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