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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Sun Apr 3 21:17:00 2005

Hmmm, why would one differentiate between making the go-kart suggestion to
any person as versus just to one whom one has diagnosed as having a fear of


~Alan Klein


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From: Todd Pratum

Martin, thank you. I read this carefully just now (excerpt from Greenberg
text below). Yes, I agree with it entirely, that there can never be a
judgment call on a child's own academic interests. If a child wants to hang
out making mud pies all day then that is what he needs. But there are
exceptions aren't there? What if that child seems to be stuck in a rut,
lets say he has a fear of achievement (a common trouble with kids who come
from low achieving families, for example families where the parents are in
prison, are drug addicts, or who have jobs they hate), and lets say you've
known the child for a long time and you know this about him. Can you never
say to him, in some kind respectful and polite way, "Hey Joe, why don't we
see if we can rebuild this broken go cart" Gratefully, Todd Pratum.
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