RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Encouragment.

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Sun Apr 3 18:28:00 2005

Scott David Gray is a staff member at SVS, so he would be more able to
answer that than I would. I was a staff member at The Highland School, a
similar school, but not one modeled after SVS.


From what Scott David answered earlier, I would say we are pretty close on
this one, though.




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From: Todd Pratum
Alan, is this policy at Sudbury schools (re Jennifer's question below)??
Todd Pratum

Alan Klein wrote:
For me, the same considerations apply as in the "encouragement" question. I
want staff members who are fully active human beings. So, it is entirely
possible that I will say to a kid (or anyone else), "I am going to be
working in the darkroom at X time. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to
do so."


A big question to ask oneself is, "Am I offering this activity because I
think it will be good for them or because I enjoy doing it?" If the answer
is the former, nix the activity!
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