RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Encouragment.

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Sun Apr 3 18:25:00 2005



To directly answer your question, no. However, no one was asking about
required curriculum. The questions were about OFFERS of encouragement and


When my daughter says, "Dad, come watch this movie with me. I think you will
like it." I take her seriously, but do not take it as a requirement, and
neither does she when the situation is reversed.


I like Scott's thorough take on this one.


~Alan Klein


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From: Ryan Singer
The reason I asked was because I fail to think of a single scenario where
such coercion would be a positive influence, unless of course it is a matter
of personal responsibilty (you can't use the schools dishes unless you clean
up after yourself.) Can you think of a time in which required curiculum is
better than self-directed activity?



On Apr 3, 2005 3:10 PM, Todd Pratum <> wrote:

Alan, thank you very much. I have printed your messages and will be reading
and rereading them tonight, and looking for other replies. I think this is
a very subtle and yet crucial subject that few seem to have studied very
carefully. Your replies seem to me born of a lot of experience, exactly
what I wanted in my posting, (I teach but only in non-democratic schools and
have only limited experience with letting kids do precisely what they want).

Alan Klein wrote:
For me, the same considerations apply as in the "encouragement" question. I
want staff members who are fully active human beings. So, it is entirely
possible that I will say to a kid (or anyone else), "I am going to be
working in the darkroom at X time. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to
do so."
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