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The reason I asked was because I fail to think of a single scenario where
such coercion would be a positive influence, unless of course it is a matter
of personal responsibilty (you can't use the schools dishes unless you clean
up after yourself.) Can you think of a time in which required curiculum is
better than self-directed activity?

On Apr 3, 2005 3:10 PM, Todd Pratum <> wrote:
> Alan, thank you very much. I have printed your messages and will be
> reading and rereading them tonight, and looking for other replies. I think
> this is a very subtle and yet crucial subject that few seem to have studied
> very carefully. Your replies seem to me born of a lot of experience, exactly
> what I wanted in my posting, (I teach but only in non-democratic schools and
> have only limited experience with letting kids do precisely what they want).
> Todd.
> Alan Klein wrote:
> For me, the same considerations apply as in the "encouragement" question.
> I want staff members who are fully active human beings. So, it is entirely
> possible that I will say to a kid (or anyone else), "I am going to be
> working in the darkroom at X time. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to
> do so."
> A big question to ask oneself is, "Am I offering this activity because I
> think it will be good for them or because I enjoy doing it?" If the answer
> is the former, nix the activity!
> ~Alan Klein
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> While we are on this topic, I have heard that staff in Sudbury model
> schools are not suppose to offer activities to kids, rather wait for kids to
> ask for specific activities and then help if asked for assistance. I would
> like some clarification on this as well.
> Thanks a bunch,
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