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What I heard in Ryan's question was an offer to you to deeply consider your
own reasons for offering encouragement. I read into his question that he is
saying that if the child does not choose something in the first place, your
"encouragement" is a form of coercion. I submit that this is a worthwhile
question to ask yourself. Most of us are so imprinted with the traditional
model of schooling that we have trouble differentiating our good intentions
from the negative impact they can have on kids in our schools.


I don't draw as strong a line as that. As an example, if a kid (or anyone)
were to say to me, "Ugh. I don't like beans." I might well encourage them by
saying (if it is true), "These don't taste like beans to me. They taste more
like chicken. You might want to give them a try if you like the taste of
chicken." What I WOULDN'T say is, "You need to try some before you can make
that decision."


Similarly, if a kid (or anyone else) were to say to me, "I'm not interested
in politics." I might well encourage them, if they are open to the
conversation, by telling them about what I find fascinating about politics.
What I would NOT tell them is that they had to study politics, that I would
be upset if they did not study politics, or that bad things would come from
them not learning about politics.


~Alan Klein


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This is not my question. I am not interested in proposing various scenarios
of encouragement versus non-encouragement. I want to know if it is doctrine
(as far as "doctrine" exists at Sudbury) that encouragement is not allowed.
Do you know? Todd.

Ryan Singer wrote:

I'm not quite sure what you are asking, Todd. What would you encourage a
child to learn that they wouldn't choose to learn?
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