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Hi Bill,


OK, I guess I get it. It had/has a feeling of preaching to the choir here!




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One point is this:


If there are no serious governmental or social or religious or spiritual or
cultural institutions where children are invited to become full partners and
if, in all the educational institutions, there are only these Sudbury
schools available where a child can show up and be who they are then, for
me, these Sudbury schools, and the people who understand them, become
extremely important.


Another point is this:


Consider that we do not even know how someone comes to see a child as a full
human being. For example, Mr Sizer has certainly looked at children and
schools for a very long time. His best understanding is that "Leaving kids
on their own tends to flatten the slope of their improvement." His basic
view is that the child is an "improver". It is a stunningly pervasive view.


And then the above point leads to this:


I like Dan Greenburg's decription of when folks come to Sudbury and he says
"If they see it, they see it and if they don't, they don't". It speaks to an
epiphany moment, and "ah ha" experience. But, if this is so, it also
indicates that the best organizing startegy that we have at present is to
build these institutions by almost any means possible, by gathering together
enough money and organizing effort and making them happen. And wait to see
if more people can "see it".


Which leads to these points:


Considering the above, it appears that, worldwide, there may be, at present,
a rather small set of folks, that have actually seen a child show up and be
present in their own lives. For those of us organizing this stuff day and
night, this small set of folks, who could actually understand what we are
saying, who could actually organize these schools themselves and thus turn
and provide the opportunity for others to "see it", are simply precious.
Extremely valuable.


The final point is:


You are valuable.




Bill Richardson



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