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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Thu Mar 24 22:50:00 2005


This is the second time you have sent this message. What's the point? What
do you mean by " I am organizing directly with 'The Art of Doing Nothing'
and 'Kingdom of Childhood'"?

~Alan Klein
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  Consider all the educational, and cultural and social and spirtual and
religious and governmental institutions that you know of. How many cherish
and invite and accept and allow children as full partners? How many
institutions do you know of that accept and respect children as full human
beings? What if these Sudbury schools are the only places where a child can
show up as they are and be who they are?

  Have you, yourself, ever seen a free child show up and be present in their
own lives? Have you seen them when they find their voice? Their own voice?
When they finally have energy in their voice? Do you remember how startled
you were to realize how long they had been silent? Do you remember when you
first heard their voice and realized, deep in your own soul, that you were
hearing something real, something just created, something brand new?

  Have you ever seen a child show up and smile? Their own smile?

  Guys, I am organizing this stuff day and night. And I have found my voice.
And my voice says to you, that you cannot believe how valuable you are to
me. I am organizing directly with "The Art of Doing Nothing" and "Kingdom of
Childhood". And I am deeply thankful.

  You are all cordially invited to come see us.
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