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From: Mike Weimann <mike.weimann_at_gmx.net>
Date: Fri Mar 18 10:04:00 2005

Dear friends out there,

we - the IDEC 2005 steering committee - are very much interested in
getting people from Sudbury Schools to Berlin, Germany in Summer
(International Democratic Education Conference, 30th July - 7th August
2005). I myself am a member of a youth project that likes the Sudbury
approach very much. Some of our group started a start-up group for a
Sudbury School some time ago. We met Sudbury people at the IDEC two
years ago, we had encouraging conversations. We took several interviews
with students, staff and parents from Sudbury Schools (Martin and
Henning did it, they are going to show this at the IDEC in Berlin). Last
autumn I visited Fairhaven School, MD, USA which was another very
impressive occasion to become convinced of the advantages of the Sudbury

Some time ago I wrote first time to this list and announced the IDEC in
Berlin. Our IDEC will not only be a meeting of schools. But we are going
to open the conference to talk with officials from different social

All this is a way to *organize*. Who of the people here on this list is
interested in joining our efforts?
-> http://idec2005.org/

In particular we plan to have a high number of students here, some of
them just started to organize the specific youth impact/influence on the
  IDEC. It is an international group, coordinated not from Berlin, but
from England. Could you tell students or alumni from Sudbury Schools to
contact these people? You reach Jess directly via this address:
-> students_at_idec2005.org

Maybe some students wish to attend our conference here in Berlin.

I put our last newsletter to the bottom of this mail. Hope not to bother
you too much,

my very best wishes,
Mike Weimann

Mike Weimann, Winsstraße 4, 10405 Berlin
http://kraetzae.de | http://idec2005.org

NEWSLETTER No. 2 (English) 17th March, 2005
International Democratic
Education Conference

IDEC 2005 Berlin

July 30th - August 7th

The 13th International Democratic Education Conference will
take place from July 30th until August 7th in Germany in
Berlin. There is extensive information on our website. Much
of it is now complete. We invite you to look around in it:
-> http://idec2005.org

1. Registration
2. Current students and recent leavers
3. Programme
4. Money and fundraising
5. Publicity

1. Registration

Many people have told us that they are going to register,
but they haven't actually registered. That makes our work
more difficult. Please register now.

As an encouragement we are offering a special registration
time from the 19th to the 21st of March.

During this time you will be able to register at the
February price of 270 euros. Submitting your registration
will be enough, payment will come later.
-> http://en.idec2005.org/registration/

2. Current students and recent leavers

Current school students and recent leavers will be involved
in the setting-up of the IDEC in Berlin. A steering group
has begun to concern itself with young people's ways of
seeing, problems and suggestions.

Former students from Sands School, England, have offered

We ask you to pass this information on to all students, or
as many as possible, so that they can take part. They can
make direct contact:
-> students_at_idec2005.org

We are convinced that the more involved students and recent
leavers are, the more successful the IDEC will be.

3. Programme

The programme for the IDEC is still not settled in detail.
However, we would like to give precise information soon,
particularly for Part B, the public part of the conference.
For that purpose we need suggestions and concrete
contributions to the discussion. Who would like to lead a
workshop or a discussion group about one of the themes and
key issues?

Our request for contributions:
-> http://en.idec2005.org/registration/a/#3

The list of key issues:
-> http://en.idec2005.org/themes/

4. Money and Fundraising

We still need financial support. For that reason we have
created a detailed web page.

We have special packages for sponsors:
-> http://en.idec2005.org/sponsoring/

and a wish-list for donations:
-> http://en.idec2005.org/fundraising/

In addition we are offering a list of fund-raising ideas for
helping schools and potential participants to pay, for
instance, for their flights. This list we have copied from
IDEC 2003.
-> http://en.idec2005.org/fundraising/#2

We are grateful for any hints and suggestions. You can also
ring us and talk to us personally about particulars.
-> Telephone +49 (0)30 - 40 39 33 40

5. Publicity

It is now about nineteen weeks until the IDEC in Berlin. It
is time to announce the IDEC in magazines, newsletters and
on the internet. We will be grateful for your assistance.

This letter should be forwarded. It is also available on
line at:
-> http://en.idec2005.org/newsletter/

We can send printed flyers by post:
-> http://en.idec2005.org/downloads/, German or English

To order them all you need to do is to send an email to
info_at_idec2005.org with your address and the number you need.

The information should be passed on to the press.
Individual contributions and personal interviews with
journalists are particularly effective.

We have created an internet banner, which can be linked
on internet pages, for instance those of democratic schools:
-> http://en.idec2005.org/downloads
Please pass this information on to your webmaster.

Furthermore, we hope and recommend that everyone who is
interested will subscribe to our newsletter:
-> http://en.idec2005.org/newsletter/

We have illustrated our website with pictures by a well-
known artist. The cartoons are available in English and
German, which might be an opportunity for language-learning.
-> http://idec2005.org/

With good wishes from the steering group,
Mike Weimann
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