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Date: Wed Mar 16 07:17:00 2005

Well, your asking these questions on a Sudbury list.... There may be , and I hope there are, other initiatives out there that we just don't know about. Organizations/institutions seem to be more accepting of older kids...teens on youth organization boards, we have a couple on our state board of ed. (with full voting rights). What we should be asking is how we can get involved in organizations/institutions to encourage them to allow children's participation. The change doesn't happen immediately, sudden change probably wouldn't be successful anyway. Example. My daughters school was revising their bylaws. I had a conversation with the bylaws committee about children's participation in the governing process of the school, we discussed some history of democratic education... sudbury, summerhill and shaker mountain. We added a section on students rights and responsibilites, which have yet to be defined, but we have named that this is an issue important to us....the first step, though it may seem a small one.

Jennifer Blair
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  Dear All,

  Consider the government and religious and cultural and social and educational institutions that you know of. How many of them invite and accept and allow and welcome children as full partners? What if these Sudbury schools are, in fact, the only institutions in the world where children can show up and be themselves? Where they can be who they are? Where they can arrive and be present in their own lives?

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  Bill Richrdson
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