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From: <kristin.simpson_at_utoronto.ca>
Date: Thu Mar 10 18:00:00 2005

Hi Vera,

I called Russell and got an e-mail address for him. It is feelgoodfudes_at_yahoo.com.

Take care.


Hi Kristin,

we might be interested, but would prefer to contact him by email since
calling from Europe to Canada is not so evident with the timezones and
quite costly. Could you give us his emailadres? Thanks.

'De Vlinder' startupgroup Gent, Belgium

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>Hi everyone,
>Someone called our school the other day asking whether we wanted a used
>start-up kit which he is trying to sell. Our school has a kit already so
>we do not need it, but I thought someone on this list might be
>interested. If
>you can contact Russell at 905-689-3962. He is located in Burlington,
>Ontario, Canada.
>Kristin Simpson
>The Beach School
>Toronto, Canada
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