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It's really best to go visit any school you want to know about. What is unique in all the world about Sudbury schools is that the student is the creator of their own process - exceptions. No one is watching and student and deciding that the need to adjust their focus in any way, shape or manner. A friend of mine once said that a lot of people find alternatives to certain schools because what they really want is the same kind of education - the traditioinal model - but that want it to be "nicer". I know of one parent of a Waldorf student who was frustrated that the school would not let his son learn to read when he wanted to. It is a challenge to get instructors/leaders/teachers who do not think they are the ones who should decide what a person needs to learn and when. That is the standard I set for my children, that they get to choose and develop individually, without limits on where that goes. Still, I would go and have a look at this school. Sometimes there are people in leadership role who get all of the above regardless of the school's format.
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  Waldorf schools aren't remotely similar to SVS. They're even more regimented than regular schools, and they have strange priorities like getting kids to do crafts and keeping them away from TV and computers.


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    Hi All!


    I live in Phoenix and to the best of my knowledge... there is no Sudbury school here. There is one in Tucson, but thatís almost 3 hours from where we live.


    I just found out there is a Waldorf school in phoenix. Itís a Charter School. Any thoughts? I really value your opinion.


    Thank you!



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