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From: Woty <>
Date: Fri Feb 11 10:38:00 2005

The laws are even worse for homeschoolers in North Carolina.
Homeschooled children are legally required to take a nationally
recognized standardized test *every* year. They don't have to pass it,
but there are no exceptions. North Carolina also doesn't 16 year olds
to have driver's licenses if they're not in school unless they get a

Trying to start a charter school in North Carolina is also not a viable
option. The department of public instruction *will* make it impossible
to do anything nonstandard. I've heard that a charter high school which
tried to use A-levels instead of a standard American high school
diploma was not allowed to do so. I also know from my own experience
with charter schools in North Carolina that the state keeps adding new
regulations which make it very difficult to be innovative in *any* way.
They even now require the state's (terrible) final exams to count for
25% of a student's grade in high school classes which have such exams.

I think the situation for private schools might be better in Virginia.
(It's distinctly worse for homeschoolers, though.)


On Feb 11, 2005, at 9:15, Lori Mortimer wrote:

> I don't have any suggestions for you, but I thought I'd just comment
> that the fact that some states are regulating private schools to the
> point where they're mandating testing seems not only contrary to the
> point of having private schools in the first place, but also scary in
> a Big Brother kind of way.
> Out of curiosity, does NC have similar rules for homeschooled kids? If
> not, then maybe your students would have to declare themselves
> homeschoolers, in spite of the fact that they were attending your
> school, just to avoid the legal requirements of testing?
> I guess I did have a suggestion after all!
> Good luck,
> Lori
> At 08:40 AM 2/11/2005, Caren Knox-Hundley wrote:
>> The students have to pass with a minimum grade or they are
>> automatically held back. I was hoping there were exceptions to this
>> rule, but there are not. Even private religious schools have to
>> comply with this.
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