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FWIW: In France, parents sign a paper at the start of each school year, in
which they authorize the school (or not) to use their children's pictures.
You can also indicate a few categories, like:
    * For internal use (educational, school newspapers, yearbooks, ...)
    * For promotional use (school brochures, web sites,...)
    * Press & publicity (if a photographer, of a TV crew visits the school,
I would guess such a model would be legally safe in any country. For the
rest you just be very very careful: in most countries everybody has the
"copyright" on their own face, and is entitled to make claims because of


At 14:44 31-01-05 +0000, you wrote:
>Generally speaking, it is assumed that the schools have permission to use
>the pictures unless otherwise notified. Parents opt out of their child's
>inclusion in pictures (or video) for whatever reason they may have,
>religious, safety, privacy etc... and a list is given to staff members of
>the students who are not to be photographed.
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>Is that the same in the United States ?
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>Please advise what legislation prohibits children's photos being exhibited.
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>Eran Segev wrote:
>>With regard to images, the legal position is clear for schools – a school
>>cannot use children’s photos without parental consent. It is possible
>>that some schools have a parental consent form as part of the enrolment
>>process. Currambena has had one for about a year now. It is not as clear
>>whether we can use photos already published. With my limited knowledge of
>>the relevant laws, I’d say probably not, but we should ask an expert.
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