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From: Frederick W. Schueler <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 12:05:00 2004

"I" wrote:

> Thanks for your help on this.

* and also thanks to Jennifer Blair, whose links to worker co-ops I

I meant to add, from opur particular angle on this, the links to the
non-coersive governance Debra Burleson observed at the Nova Scotia
- one of the great Canadian natural history museums. There's a striking
convergence between these methods and the methods Aleta & I have
generalized (though embedded in hierarchical structures) from our years
of observing museum life, especially at the National Museum of Canada at
the Beamish Building, 1970-1990. These are outlined at though we don't emphasise any particular
governance system there (ideally, now that we're conversant with
'subbury-talk' a governing 'museum meeting', which elects a director,
with oversight by a Board) since we were hoping to reform the governance
at the Eastern Ontario Biodiversity Museum.

I might also mention that we're always on the lookout for apprentices in
art/natural history/conservation, and that since 1989 we've sort of run
a de facto Sudbury Valley School here, and that anyone looking for
non-coersive instruction in these fields is welcome to correspond with
us about apprenticing. See and the other
rather chaotically-linked pages at our site.

thanks again,

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