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From: Kathleen Stilwell <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 08:37:00 2004

Rich --
Just a note from a mom who, many years ago, did the same intensive research as you before placing her son in school. In addition to research, I found parents whose children seemed to be thriving in a local Montessori so we gave it a try. Even though Montessori seemed like it should have been a good fit for him, within a few weeks he had broken out in a nervous rash and then asked me to get him out of there. After talking with the teacher and observing my son's extreme discomfort with the controlled environment (he found it humiliating) I pulled him out. While other children found the environment stimulating and fun (at least from their parents' perspectives), my son had found it distressing.
No matter how right Montessori or any other school may appear to the parent, the child is the one that knows whether the environment works for her or not. It never hurts to try, but it's always important to listen to our children. If we stop listening to them, they may doubt their innate wisdom that leads them to explore their unique giftedness and life-long passions.

Richard Berlin <> wrote:
I'm coming back in on this to recommend the book I'm reading. I find
Montessori's own writings archaic and contradictory; her gift appears
to have been in empirically developing a curriculum for small children
rather than in communicating it clearly or consistently. Plus there's
a level of remove from reading it in translation. Also, her writings
can't address the changes that have happened in the last 50 years or

Happily, I found _The_Montessori_Controversy_ by John
Chattin-McNichols. He is a researcher as well as a trained Montessori
teacher, and offers a lot of insights that are helping me formulate
questions about whether/how this method of education would work for my
child. Unfortunately my library didn't have a copy, so I had to get it
on Amazon; you might be luckier.

-- Rich

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