Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Where to begin?/Mathematics/Montessori

From: Richard Berlin <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 02:19:01 2004

I'm coming back in on this to recommend the book I'm reading. I find
Montessori's own writings archaic and contradictory; her gift appears
to have been in empirically developing a curriculum for small children
rather than in communicating it clearly or consistently. Plus there's
a level of remove from reading it in translation. Also, her writings
can't address the changes that have happened in the last 50 years or

Happily, I found _The_Montessori_Controversy_ by John
Chattin-McNichols. He is a researcher as well as a trained Montessori
teacher, and offers a lot of insights that are helping me formulate
questions about whether/how this method of education would work for my
child. Unfortunately my library didn't have a copy, so I had to get it
on Amazon; you might be luckier.

-- Rich
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