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From: Shelli Buhr <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 01:57:00 2004

>>More likely, it> relates to the fact > that children
were invited to the open house, yet no > appropriate
> activities were provided for them, leaving me as
> parent in an awkward > bind. (Is this common
practice at Montessori open> houses?)>>

Rich, I think you totally hit the nail on the head
here. I see this stuff all of the time. I can identify
with what you are saying about the Open House. I have
seen with my sister's kids where the kids are not
invited because 'they get in the way.'

I had a similarly experience recently, when I went to
the Social Services office to get my grandson's
medical insurance.

The experience surprised me. I had to wait for several
hours on one day and come back again on another day.
In order for me to receive benefits, I had to prove I
had the child so I had to bring him. And the worst
part was everyone MUST bring the children to prove you
actually have kids! There were 30 parents there; each
with at least one child.

The irony was that this building was not set up
accomodate kids at all, let alone that 'kids will be
kids.' Instead there were rules posted on the othewise
empty walls. There was a TV with a movie playing on it
and some little tables and little chairs. There wasnt
even a table over in that section. Then there are
booth like benches. And there was a Sherriff at a desk
making sure that people were compliant.

But there was a sign that said No Food or Drinks. I
felt like I had to 'sneak in' juice and the snack for
the baby to eat while we waited; I kept waiting for
the Sherriff to come over to me (as he did others)
telling me something about feeding him. Can you
believe it? What do these people expect?

I kept wondering what the heck they were thinking. Are
they that blind? Has society conformed to the degree
where they cannot see out of the box? Its amazing how
into control we are as a society.

So I could understand your post. Maybe it wasnt quite
the same experience but the feel of your post felt
just as static as what I felt while there.

If the experience is to be about getting an education,
it should be us learning, not the children; through
their spirit, they continue reminding us about very
important things like laughter, joy, trust, and
integrity. And the focus seemes to linger towards
drugging kids control them into conforming into the
little box tightly enough so they cant move, or think.
and definately not "be."

I think we need SVS for adults too. It would be nice
to have parents be more involved with the education. I
was dropping Michael off at the day care, and I was
saying hello to all of the families and the kids were
hugging each other and saying bye or "high 5'ing" each
other. The environment there for children open. There
is community for you.

Then again, I remember reading Free At Last (thank you
Daniel) and I remember thinking back to what I wanted
to do before I grew up. I thought about the classes I
would take if I were in school. And maybe what
could've been... I think that is one of the reasons
why I felt such a desire to put together a school, And
now with Michael, its like God gave me a second chance
to do it 'right' this time.

ok well I guess that is about enough of my two cents.
thanks for my ramblings too!



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