RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] How to start a school?

From: Scott David Gray <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 13:16:01 2004

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Brian King, Big Rock Sudbury School wrote:

> How do you answer that in an email - hum
> How to start a Sudbury Modeled school in a bunch of steps.
> * Read all of the books out there
> * Get the Startup kit from SVS

A good place to begin, is to read Starting a Sudbury School from the SVS press.

If you make a decision to go forward before the end of the
holiday season, you can take advantgae of a serious discount
on the starter kits. The starter kit includes over $800 of
books and tapes, as well as invaluable samples of legal
documents and forms that have been scrutinized by lawyers
which other schools have found can be easily modified for
their needs. The kit normally retails for $500, but this
season everything the SVS press sells is discounted 20%, so
you can get the kit for $400 -- or considerably less than
half the retail value of the collection.

> * Get on the demstart list
> * Give up your day job
> * Get likeminded people that truly understand the model to commit
> to paying to send their kids to the school (the kids also need to be
> likeminded and understand the model)
> * Get some quality likeminded people that truly understand the
> model (that can work together) to spend a week at SVS then commit to
> working without pay

There are also a number of Sudbury Model schools that may be
closer to you, if they are willing to accommodate visits;
Sudbury Valley is probably about 2500 miles away from

Cedarwood in Santa Clara California, Diablo Valley in
Concord California, Sacramento Valley School in Sacramento
Californa, and Big Rock Sudbury in San Rafael California are
probably between 700 and 750 miles away from you. Sego Lily
in Utah is probably just over 800 miles from you. Alpine
Valley in Colorado and Brazos Valley in Texas and probably
less than 1200 miles away from you.

> * Get a school site, use permit, business license, insurance, and
> someone to guarantee that the lease and insurance will be paid
> * Get an attorney
> * Develop a good website
> * Never give up
> * Open the door, have a school meeting, and watch as everyone
> develops the culture
> * Did I say never give up?
> It is a lot of hard work for many people, but worth it.
> Brian D. King
> Big Rock Sudbury School
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> Hello Everyone!
> I would like to know how one starts a Sudbury school? I live in the
> Phoenix area and have not been able to find such a school here.
> Thanks!
> Allison

--Scott David Gray
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