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> Hello All,
> I absolutely love reading all the posts on this list. What a very
> interesting and passionate group! I am just thinking about Sudbury Valley
> for my 9 year old son. One of my concerns is that my son will not attempt
> things that he finds difficult. Even things he likes, like football, he is
> not willing or able to do his time to become better. For example, he
> wanted to take trumpet lessons
> (totally his idea). He was so excited. He immediately realized it was
> "hard" and has ceased practicing. Now he has fallen behind and unless I
> start mandating practice, I know he will not ever learn to play this
> instrument.
> So, my question is obvious at this point. How would he fare in the Sudbury
> Valley model? Sometimes I feel that the only reason he has learned as much
> math, science, and writing as he has is that he is required to do so in
> public school. If it were not required, I fear he would never be willing
> to work hard. Never gain the discipline to master things, but perhaps
> always just do enough to get by. Are some people just by nature like this?
> Or will everyone, given the space and time, come to master the things that
> are important to them.
> Thanks
> Mary
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