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Hello Mary,

I usually just read along on this list but thought my experience might be of
some help to you. My son Benjamin,now 10, has been at an Iederwijs school in
the Netherlands since he was 7. Iederwijs is inspired by Sudbury Valley and
is very similar. Ben was also very hesitant to try new things and spent a
long time just observing instead of participating in the beginning. I'm so
glad he has had the time and space to build his courage in his own way. Now
he's ready to tackle new challenges with confidence and committment based on
his own feelings of security. I doubt if that would have happened if he'd
been pushed.

Trust your child

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> Hello All,
> I absolutely love reading all the posts on this list. What a
> very interesting and passionate group! I am just thinking
> about Sudbury Valley for my 9 year old son. One of my
> concerns is that my son will not attempt things that he finds
> difficult. Even things he likes, like football, he is not
> willing or able to do his time to become better. For example,
> he wanted to take trumpet lessons
> (totally his idea). He was so excited. He immediately
> realized it was "hard" and has ceased practicing. Now he has
> fallen behind and unless I start mandating practice, I know
> he will not ever learn to play this instrument.
> So, my question is obvious at this point. How would he fare
> in the Sudbury Valley model? Sometimes I feel that the only
> reason he has learned as much math, science, and writing as
> he has is that he is required to do so in public school. If
> it were not required, I fear he would never be willing to
> work hard. Never gain the discipline to master things, but
> perhaps always just do enough to get by. Are some people just
> by nature like this? Or will everyone, given the space and
> time, come to master the things that are important to them.
> Thanks
> Mary
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