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Apparently literature is something far different for me than it is for
Sudbury people.

And this is my last communique on the subject as well.
Todd, there is no such thing as "Sudbury people." It is not a "people", or
a homogeneous group. Any people can be Sudbury people -- as long as they
believe, as you clearly do, that a child's inner sense of direction is what
should guide his/her life. There are lots of people in Sudbury schools who love
literature and the literary traditions of the ancient world, of the English
language, and of modern literature in all languages. There are lots of people
in Sudbury schools who love to write and to hone their writing skills with
the aid of some excellent instructors. The only point is, that these people
do not insist that their particular passions be shared by others who would
rather not share them, and under no circumstances allow for a situation to arise
where pressure would be brought to bear on others to participate in their
love of literature. Please understand that: it is key to understanding what
Sudbury schools are about.
I don't even know if you disagree; it sounds as if you don't, really. But I
think this discussion, although perhaps overheated at times, was a great
help in clarifying these points.
Dan Greenberg, Sudbury Valley
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