Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Sudbury & literacy

From: sheila <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 23:01:01 2004

And email
> is not, in my estimation an improved form of communication, yet it has
> nearly replaced the tradition of letter writing. Todd.

You wouldn't be discussing these ideas with this group if it weren't for
email. :) I know that I wouldn't be reading about the Sudbury philosophy
if I were relying on paper and ink for my communication. I wouldn't even
know the philosophy existed if it weren't for the internet! Would you? The
fact that email is exposing more people to ideas they wouldn't have
otherwise known about means to me that it IS an improved form of
communication. It is causing more people to communicate with lots and lots
of people with whom they wouldn't have otherwise communicated. It is
opening up new worlds to SO many people. If that's not improved
communication, what is?

When it gets right down to it, isn't the goal of communication to share
ideas and connect with other people? Proper punctuation and grammar is
secondary in importance to that. A LOT of people are typing quickly and are
able to connect with as many people as they do because they don't take a
long time to check and re-check to see how proper their grammar/punctuation
is. I'd rather have people make the valuable contribution of their ideas
than to see them be afraid to do so because someone might criticize their

And check out the punctuation in your sentence that I quoted above. ;)

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