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Date: Mon Nov 29 20:27:00 2004

I am appalled by the lack of civility of your post, and surprised that it
was allowed to appear, given the list's policy against personal attacks. You
owe Dr. Hughes an apology, at the least, and the list as well.
Daniel Greenberg
Sudbury Valley School
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I for one have been worried--ever since I subscribed to this Sudbury email
discussion--with the terrible language skills used here, such as the posting
by Dr. Evan Hughes which was full of so many errors and gross violations of
English that I wondered, Dr. Hughes, if you have a learning disability? This
would be good to know considering the nature of the posting. Are there
other Sudbury people who are troubled by the
frequent postings to this discussion that are poorly written? Is this a
taboo subject at Sudbury schools? Or do Sudbury people believe that
good reading and writing skills are not very important? Or only for those
naturally gifted? I would like to
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