Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Sudbury & literacy

From: Frederick W. Schueler <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 20:01:00 2004

Todd Pratum wrote:
> I for one have been worried--ever since I subscribed to this Sudbury email discussion--with the terrible language skills used here...

* in e-mail, as in many other compositions, 'language skill' is largely
a function of how many revisions the text has been given. Many e-mails
are written under terrible temporal pressure, and are sent out
unrevised, and even unread by the sender.

> such as the posting by Dr. Evan Hughes which was full of so many errors and gross violations of English that I wondered, Dr. Hughes, if you have a learning disability?

* surely omitting the hyphen in "learning by necessity to play
role-playing games" isn't a gross violation of English usage.

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