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From: Caren Knox-Hundley <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 13:58:00 2004

Originally, my oldest protested... until we talked through the reality of school, which was that the only time he could truly visit with his friends was during the 15-minute recess they got each day... and that was only if the teacher hadn't planned some "enriching" activity for the students to do during this time. They also had lunchtime to talk, but quite frequently, the class was on "silent lunch" due to the perceived misbehavior of a few students. We both agreed it was better for him to visit with his friends when they had time available, and could spend as much time as they wanted doing what they wanted.

So many people perceive homeschooling as being done in a vacuum! He actually has more playtime now with friends than he did while he was in school... with no need to be rushed from a project, due to the class time being done. My youngest son went to a half-day preschool until he was kindergarten age, precisely because he is SO social, that was the simplest way for us to get that need met. Now, we are in the car a LOT -- two park days a week, plus one day at a local rec center, plus all the field trips we can manage (all with other un- or homeschooled friends). The friends my boys have now are because they choose them as friends, not because they were placed in the same room together for 6+ hours a day. It does take a lot of work, and time, but well worth it to find our "village". There are a lot of families who are not homeschooling for religious reasons, but to provide their children with freedom. I imagine there would actually be a lot more outside of NC!

When the boys hear about what's happening in school here from their schooled friends (no more recess in a lot of schools; all silent lunch, all the time; so much homework there's no free time; studying things they have NO interest in; dealing with really mean kids -- and teachers) they are glad to be unschooling. They are excited we are starting a free school here -- my oldest has said he may still choose to be home, which would be fine, but he LOVES the idea of a school where the students are in charge.

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Douze Points, Caren,
. . . but, didn't your sons protest ?: "we have friends in school !!"

~ "It takes a village to rise a child" ??

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