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From: Ryan Singer <>
Date: Sun Nov 28 22:15:01 2004

I'm sorry, I think I came off wrong. I would never advocate forcing
someone to learn something outside of college. My last post was more
directed to the young child who wants to learn advanced math because
it's in the song and he wants to understand it. I was saying that
despite the popular opinion that higher level math is difficult, it is
actually very possible for anyone, especially kids.-R

On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 18:59:30 -0800 (PST), Naomi Bennett
<> wrote:
> I have
> > never met a human being unable to do calculus, only
> > ones afraid to.-R
> And then there are the ones who are just not
> interested at that point in their lives. I went
> through 13 years of SVS, and I strongly believe that
> children should be encouraged to learn what they are
> interested in, and not forced into learning. That's
> something you learn in college, if you choose to go.
> And that's a whole separate set of skills that can
> completely ruin any sort of learning if it happens at
> too early an age.
> And who is to say that math is any more important that
> writing, art, dance, photography, history, theatre.
> And by the way, I have studied and tutored math in
> college, and have no interest or use for it now except
> in a practical sense. But others could say the same
> for Theatrical studies, which is part of my everyday
> life and livelyhood.
> It's not for us to choose what should be important and
> interesting for others.
> Naomi
> SVS Alum '83-'96
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