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Date: Sun Nov 28 13:07:01 2004

Hi, Susan,
It would be useful to read about unschooling and informal education. You can go to and ( a tremendous site dealing with informal education), also books and websites involving unschooling: John Holt's books, John Taylor Gatto's books and website and Patrick Farenga . Patrick Farenga/John Holt's "Teach Your Own" is great. This should get you started on the "unschooling" at home approach.
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Date: Sunday, November 28, 2004 11:01 am
Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Where to begin?

> I am reading Free at Last, which I obtained from Abraham-Hicks
> Publications. Our daughter is 8 and attends a local Montessori in
> Palm Harbor, Florida. Our sweet 8 year old is struggling with
> math, and I am struggling with trying to coerce her into learning
> it. It's a no win deal. We have her enrolled in Kumon math
> tutoring, which she attempts to avoid and postpone on a daily
> basis. Her teacher at Montessori told me that she has a "peculiar
> learning style". I tried to explain that she loves the freedom to
> choose, that her "failure to perform" certain class assignments
> are due to a lack of interest rather than a lack of intelligence.
> Our daughter sparkles. She loves people and loves art, but loves
> people best of all. I consider it a rare gift, and I can see how
> the use of coercion, even in the forms of rewards and incentives,
> dims her. I'm looking for a frame of reference that builds a
> foundation for integrating freedom into living in the "real world"
> of responsibilities. I'd like to receive suggestions. We're not
> quite ready to move to Massachusetts for our daughter to enroll in
> SVS (although it is certainly an option to be considered). I
> also need to understand more about how democracy can work; I've
> often found myself in the minority opinion and outvoted in many so-
> called democracies.
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