[Discuss-sudbury-model] Where to begin?

From: susan robinson <shantiom1_at_msn.com>
Date: Sun Nov 28 12:04:01 2004

I am reading Free at Last, which I obtained from Abraham-Hicks Publications. Our daughter is 8 and attends a local Montessori in Palm Harbor, Florida. Our sweet 8 year old is struggling with math, and I am struggling with trying to coerce her into learning it. It's a no win deal. We have her enrolled in Kumon math tutoring, which she attempts to avoid and postpone on a daily basis. Her teacher at Montessori told me that she has a "peculiar learning style". I tried to explain that she loves the freedom to choose, that her "failure to perform" certain class assignments are due to a lack of interest rather than a lack of intelligence. Our daughter sparkles. She loves people and loves art, but loves people best of all. I consider it a rare gift, and I can see how the use of coercion, even in the forms of rewards and incentives, dims her. I'm looking for a frame of reference that builds a foundation for integrating freedom into living in the "real world" of responsibilities. I'd like to receive suggestions. We're not quite ready to move to Massachusetts for our daughter to enroll in SVS (although it is certainly an option to be considered). I also need to understand more about how democracy can work; I've often found myself in the minority opinion and outvoted in many so-called democracies.
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