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Date: Mon Nov 15 20:13:00 2004

you might also be interested in worker cooperatives. I don't have any links but I'm sure a web search will turn up interesting results.
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  Hi Fred -

  I have been working on ideas along these lines for some time. You might
  find interesting an article we wrote that was published in the SVS Journal.
  You can find it at<>

  On that site you can also find other material bearing on the subject. Some
  companies have moved some along this line, but SVS as an organization [not a
  school] is the only one I know of that has fulfilled the promise of the
  route. Probably the closest thing to it in the business world is
  self-managed work teams. Another article you might like to read you can
  find at<>

  W.L. Gore Associates has an interesting culture along these lines, although
  not all the way as you seem to want to go. Check them out at<>

  Still another company part way there is St Lukes advertising agency in
  London. You can read about them at:<>

  Finally, Ricardo Semler has done some very interesting things at Semco. He
  has two books out: "Maverick" and "The Seven-Day Weekend - Changing the way
  work works". The latter is more recent and includes more information.
  Semco's url is:<> Once you get by the opening introduction [in
  Portuguese] the home page comes up, and you get an English version by
  clicking on the small flag to the lower right. The site is in three

  Don Yates

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  I'm no expert; but I am aware that there are democratically run businesses.
  I really enjoyed reading Maverick, by Ricardo Semlar. I think he is
  considered a maverick in democratically run businesses. This book is his
  story of turning his family owned corporation into a democratically run
  business. He has a newer book out this year; but I can't remember the name.
  I'm sure it would be on Ricardo has also founded a version of a
  democratically run school in Brazil, the Lumier school. He is getting a lot
  of government support to transition more public schools than he can handle
  into schools like the Lumier school.

  Anyway, start with Maverick. Good luck.

  Ann Ide
  parent at Sudbury Valley School
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> Sudburyiers:
> Does anyone have experience importing the Sudbury model into non-school
> organizations? We started a regional natural history museum
> which we were subsequently asked to leave, apparently
> because of our promotion of democratic governance - "founded, in part,
> in reaction to the damage done to Canada's national museums through the
> management practices predominating in the 1980's and early 1990's.
> Accordingly founded on the belief that in a museum, every
> worker has a unique combination of knowledge and skills, and all can
> contribute collectively to solving a wide range of problems. Deference
> is granted relative to the problem under consideration and the abilities
> that each brings to it, with shifting patterns of leadership in
> different situations..." see<> -
> We're now approaching a time when reform of this hierarchical model may
> be possible, and I wonder if anyone has experience in explicitly
> importing the Sudbury Model of governance into such a situation?
> fred.
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