[Discuss-sudbury-model] Fairhaven, "R" rating

From: togolt2 <togolt2_at_uic.edu>
Date: Tue Nov 9 07:50:00 2004

Hello, all:
I have just read a response from one "fairhaven parent" (Joe Jackson
Fairhaven School parent) to the question posted here (about unlimited access
to "R" rated movies). My reaponse has nothing to say about the initial
question, but this statement about Odyssey just through me out of balance, and
I had to respond!
What stroke me was this:
"As far as movies and games are concerned, they are
just portrayals, and all kids understand that and there is no more process
than there is when reading a violent book like Sea Wolf or the Odyssey." ????

I would like to know when was the last time this parent read the "Odyssey"? I
would bet he has never read it at all - just has his castrated oppinion based
on the movie he saw recently.
Personally for me it is incredibly important that any adult person would be
able to distinguish between watching R-rated movies and reading Odyssey,
period. Now I came to question myself if Sudbury schools fullfill any
postulated goals at all sinse they acept the children of such deeply
stuperfected parents - that is my opinion, just some mother.
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