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From: Scott David Gray <>
Date: Fri Oct 15 08:42:00 2004


  You haven't given me nearly enough information to
understand your message. This is like picking up onje's
phone after a couple clear crisp rings, and being greeted by
the person on the other end asking in a clear voice 'why
isn't your phone working.'

  Yesterday, the web server received 56910 hits directed at
the address (and other hits directed at addresses
we host) and had no problem sending data back to the
requesting IPs. That's actually a slightly higher number
than average (about 40K). And yes, a number of those hits
came from .il (Israeli) addresses.

  I think you need to check things at your end -- especially
your root DNS server.

  That said; in a couple hours we _will_ have 1-3 hours of
scheduled down-time for the server. We are changing from one
T1 line to another T1 line, and _will_ lose Internet
connection during that time. Mail sent to
addresses during taht time will bounce; but _most_ SMTP
servers will try again until is back up (unless
you send your messages with a 'bulk' flag).

Take care!

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, David Rovner wrote:

> Anybody knows why is not working ?
> ~ David

--Scott David Gray
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