Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] interest in England? (/Scotland?)

From: Martin Wilke <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 22:17:00 2004

Jennifer Blair wrote:
> "Rule of law is considered less important at Summerhill
> than it is at Sudbury Valley, in part because the law in the
> UK prevents the school from being self-governed without a
> headmaster"
> This is the sort of information that is important to consider here.
> Would it even be possible for a true Sudbury model school to operate in
> England?

Maybe the headmaster issue could be solved like this:

The school meeting could elect a pro forma headmaster who signs all the
decisions made by the school meeting. And if a headmaster feels that
there is a decision which he can't sign despite of the school meeting's
vote, then the school meeting can look for a new, loyal headmaster.

Martin Wilke
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