Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] interest in England? (/Scotland?)

From: Jennifer Blair <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 09:27:00 2004

I did not say, nor intend to imply, that Summerhill is a Sudbury school. There are similarities and it is the democratic model founded in England, where the original poster is located, so I thought it might be of interest to her. If one is to start a democratic school, it just makes sense to find out about the local democratic model that already exists. IMHO

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  Hi Jennifer,

  I would not say that Summerhill is a Sudbury School! Maybe they were the first but they are not the same in my opinion.

  Vera (in Belgium)
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    Hi Corrina,

    You should check out Summerhill, I believe the school is in Leiston in Soffolk. The school that really started it all.<> if there was an earlier school, I would love to hear about it.

    Take care,
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      Hi to all

      Are any of you based in England and/or wanting to set up a Sudbury-based
      model here?

      I'm teaching in the English state system now and my heart is in the Sudbury
      model. I'm interested in either setting up a one-off school or just going
      the whole hog and Sudburyifying the English system. Where are all you
      English people who have this same yearning and the energy to start kicking
      some ass!?? Surely better late than never.... ;0)

      Love to all,

      Hey Corrina,

      I am not really an 'English person', but based in the UK for the moment anyway (Scotland, that is). I've spent a year at the Australian Sudbury! School, but am originally from Germany. At the moment I am studying conservation biology at the university of Aberdeen. I just wanted you to have my email adress in case you do get some people to meet sometime and want to invite me along ;-) No seriously, it might be interesting for any of us and I just love getting in touch with other Sudbury people!

      Good luck to you,


      Regina =)

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