Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] interest in England?

From: Mike Weimann <>
Date: Wed Sep 29 13:37:00 2004


my name is Mike Weimann, I'm new on this listserve. I'm involved in the
process of starting a Sudbury School in Berlin, Germany.

To get some more information about my background, please check the
website of our Berlin youth group as well, you find many links related
to alternative child uprearing and school issues.
-> (some information in English available)

I want to tell you, Corrina, (and by the way everybody else) that we
will held the International Democratic Education Conference ICEC in
Berlin next Summer. You find all information currently available on our

We will probably have Mimsy Sadofsky, founder of the Sudbury Valley
School here. (This is a brand new information, we are very happy about
that). We try to get several other sudbury modelled schools (students,
staff) to our conference. We will comunicate later in more detail. But
now your request gave reason to mention it already now.

The IDEC is first-time in Europe after several years and meanwhile we
have news from different European countries that want to start with
Sudbury Schools, Germany included.

It would be nice to have you there. Any inquiry is welcome.

Best regards
Mike Weimann

corrina gordon schrieb:
> Are any of you based in England and/or wanting to set up a Sudbury-based
> model here?

Mike Weimann, Winsstraße 4, 10405 Berlin,
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