AW: [Discuss-sudbury-model] What gives the state the right to *make us* go to school in the first place?

From: Henning Graner <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 03:18:01 2004

Hello Reb,

I strongly recommend you to visit the webpage of K.R..T.Z.. a german
children's rights group based in Berlin. They wrote and edited "The
Discrimination against Child - a Human Rights Report" which is basically a
compilation of all violation of human rights with respect to children. One
chapter covers the violation of human rights in school.

Unfortunatly the report is in German and not yet translated. Nevertheless
you can find some English information about it on their webpage:

The general website ist:

I know that there are similar children's rights groups in the U.S. (for
example ASFAR of which David Schneider-Joseph, a
former student of Sudbury Valley and Greenwood Sudbury School, is


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