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Date: Thu Sep 2 06:51:00 2004

      Gal Friedman wins the Olympic
      Coincidence? Gal Friedman - The first Israeli Olympic Gold medalist is a graduate of the Hadera Democratic School.

      A letter from Dganit Friedman, mother of Gal Friedman, published on 26 August, following the victory.

      Dearest Gal, Yesterday I sat with Dad, Maayan and the rest of the family and our friends - we watched you win the Olympic medal. You made history. I knew you could do it, that you had the ability, but I was scared to imagine it. Since yesterday I cannot stop thinking about Yaacov Hecht, the principal of the Democratic School in Hadera where you went to school. He always said that it doesn't matter what you study and what page you reach in your workbook, that the important thing is to focus on what it is you want and to achieve in your field of choice.
      This was the educational motto we followed in raising you and your siblings Maayan and Yuval. When you skipped school, we were not concerned, you had a direction and you followed it. Today we are certain that your principal was right. The small contribution we, your parents made to your gold medal was in giving you the freedom to choose your own way.
      I love you my dearest Gal and I am very proud of you and happy for you. You stuck to your desires and made your dream come true. Since you left for Athens I have been sending you hearts over the email and pictures of you with your brother Yuval and girlfriend Michal. I can't wait to see and hug you. I miss you

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